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Minnesota Muskies        American Basketball Association (1967-1968)
The Minnesota Muskies were a team in the American Basketball Association (ABA) for one season in 1967-1968. Because ABA headquarters were in Minneapolis and league commissioner George Mikan lived nearby, there was tremendous pressure for an ABA franchise in Minnesota. The Muskies got off to a great start in 1967 and managed to sign Mel Daniels, a 6’9 center out of Detroit who quickly became a perennial All-Star and key component of the team. Teaming the rugged Daniels with sharp-shooting guard Donnie Freeman and Les “Big Game” Hunter (both also ABA All-Stars), the Muskies finished an excellent 50-28 and went all the way to the Eastern Division championships. The Muskie’s success is even more impressive considering the struggles many other ABA clubs had in acquiring talent, since they had to directly compete with larger and richer NBA teams for players. As a result, many sunk all their money into one flashy superstar like “Pistol” Pete Maravich in order to attract fans and media attention, leaving the rest of the team composed of ineffectual and under-skilled players. The Muskies were balanced, fundamental, and a true team, a stark contrast to most other ABA clubs.  Perhaps because of their unflashy effectiveness, the Muskies had huge problems attracting fans - they only sold 100 (!) season tickets and frequently played to empty arenas. Having already lost $400,000 dollars in 1967-68, the owners fled Minnesota for Florida (where they also failed to turn a profit.) The departure of the Muskies left Minnesota without pro basketball, but this void was filled 1968-89 by the Minnesota Pipers (also are featured on UGP Classics.)