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Now with 100% more beating Ohio State in it, this year's edition of Hail to the Victors is jammed pack with beating Ohio State, including articles about the players who must beat Ohio State by Brian Cook, the opponents Michigan plays prior to Ohio State by MGoBlog's Bryan MacKenzie (ND/Rutgers), Adam Schnepp (PSU), and Seth Fisher (the others), plus tips on exactly which plays Ohio State will run by Eleven Warriors' Kyle Jones that you should send directly to your local hardboiled defensive coordinator.  It also has new Ohio State-beating features, like the personal story of Khaleke Hudson in his quest to beat Ohio State by Adam Schnepp, whether the history of programs replacing legendary coaches suggests Urban's retirement makes it easier to beat Ohio State by Michael Elkon, the strategies of new Michigan OC Josh Gattis for beating Ohio State by Seth Fisher, a defense that might work against Ohio State by Ian Boyd. And don't forget the history of beating Ohio State section, where Craig Ross takes us through the origins of Michigan's first Ohio State-like rivalry (and the origins of Ohio State), Greg Dooley shows how an older Fielding Yost started the beating of Ohio State and continued it through his later period, and Dr Sap spoke to the offensive and defensive coordinators of the 1969 beating of Ohio State to find out what their strategies were.  It's high time we beat Ohio State. Start here:

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