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Cleveland Barons                American Hockey League (1937–1973)
The Cleveland Barons were a team in the American Hockey League (the AHL) from 1937 to 1973. Although the AHL was a relatively minor league (and in the present day is simply a farm system for the NHL), the Barons were one of the best and most passionately supported hockey franchises in the country, regardless of league. Founded by businessman Al Sutphin during the height of the Great Depression, no expense was spared on the Barons: they played in the brand-new, beautifully laid out Cleveland Arena and players received salaries higher than what the NHL paid at the time. To top it off, the Barons were consistently a great hockey team and won the Calder Cup (the AHL version of the Stanley Cup) a record 9 times. Fred Glover, a quick 5’9 center out of Toronto, was the face of the franchise and ended up the second leading scorer in AHL history. If Glover provided the offensive buzz for the Barons, then Hall of Fame goaltender Johnny “The China Wall” Bower was the defensive foundation who frequently shut the opposing side down all by himself. The Barons were a model of competence and consistency for over 30 years. Unfortunately, the 1972 creation of the World Hockey Association as a big-league rival to the NHL was a death blow to minor-league teams like the Barons. Unable to compete with the big salaries WHA clubs like the Cleveland Crusaders (also featured on UGP Classics) paid, the Barons lost many of their players and eventually collapsed in 1973. However, their legacy is still alive and strong in Cleveland hockey circles: as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and several other Cleveland-based teams have appropriated the legendary Barons name over the years.